It may be a good idea to use one of these sidebars or the banner to house your page/site navigation.

This is an example of text that you might put in this sidebar. You may want to just put a paragraph tag directly in the 'leftbar' div, or you can divide it into sections or divs. Up to you.

This is another box you could put in the sidebar. I would add images, links, etc. to make this look more interesting but I'm too lazy.

What will you put here?

See my Newsletter where I first made this grid to see what I put in my sidebars.


A simple css grid template

This template coded by Leviathren is free to use! I only ask that you don't remove the credit in the notes (the greyed out text at the top of the code that doesn't display on the page).

The 'main' tag is at the bottom of all the other sections because I assume this section of the page will contain the most content, and would therefore make it a pain scrolling past to get to other parts of the page with the more you add. Shorter sections, the banner, sidebars, and footer are higher in the code despite not necessarily being displayed that way on the page. You can move things about to suit your needs of course.

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