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About the Webweaver

I'm Leviathren. You can shorten that however you like.

Where Do You Get Your Name?

It's a portmanteau of my favorite mythical sea creature (the Leviathan, specifically the one from Atlantis The Lost Empire) and my name.

How Long Have You Been Coding?

I learned a few coding basics when I was in middle school during a class project where we had to make a game using simple commands.

I later learned more about html and css when I started college by messing with tumblr themes.

Only after I graduated did I get into Neocities and the Web Revival, where my interest in coding grew exponentially and I started to get more serious about learning and pouring more time into creating static sites from scratch.

Quick Facts
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More About Me

  • He/She
  • 22 years old
  • Chinese
  • Queer
  • Degree in Biology and minor in Digital Media
  • Baby barista rn
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Coding: Music Page
Reading: Chain of Thorns
Listening: Bring Me The Horizon
Watching: N/A

Timezone: GMT-8

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What I Like To Do

  • Coding
  • Playing bass guitar
  • Being in nature
  • Reading
  • Skateboarding
  • Gaming
  • Art(sketching and painting)
  • Crafts(clothing and accessory alterations, trinkets, sculptures, jewelry, pins, keychains, etc)
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Status Cafe Profile
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