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The Web Revival is a collective of movements aiming to move away from a corporate-controlled web and towards a "spirit of opennes and fresh excitement", free from ads and hostile debate culture. I believe we can make the web a fun, friendly, and creative place again.

Instead of attacking those with differing opinions right out the gate, I believe we should practice approaching conversations and conflict with open ears and good faith intentions.

bigots fuck off

This is not to say that bigots should be tolerated. Having different views on video games, web design, and even social issues are distinctly different than believing certain peoples should not be treated as equal human beings or exist at all. This site does not welcome bigots of any kind. And as a minority myself, it is not my job to educate people who see me as an abomination, a danger, or otherwise lesser than a person, nor is it my job to put myself, emotionally or physically, in harms way to try to reach an understanding with hateful people. There may be some who are willing to do so, but I'm not, so hate speech and unsafe links will be removed from the chatbox and guestbook for the safety and comfort of visitors and myself.

safe web spaces

Disclaimer out of the way, movements that focus on building the independent web are not trying to go back to the wild west days of the internet where moderation was nonexistent and bigotry was rampant, but rather create resources and communities to appreciate and revive the personal web culture that we kinda lost with the rise of social media platforms and corporate takeover. There are plenty of these spaces that build on this now-retro concept but strive to uphold progressive, inclusive ideals.

One such space is the 32-Bit Cafe, a community of web enthusiasts working together to build a fun, friendly place on the internet dedicated to learning and sharing resources. Their Discourse Forum is now open!

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