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    the haunting of hill house

    This is probably my favorite horror show ever - as for now. I don't know if anything could top it though, really.

    I think the thing I loved the most about this show was the way they told the story. I prefer horror shows/movies with an invigorating, complex, and mysterious story, and this show definitely delivered on that end. What was most impressive though was how you see parts of the beginning and end of the story in the very first episode, but you see how things unfolded throughout the show by jumping back and forth between the past and present, and they only reveal how everything went down at the very end and everything falls into place so well.

    It kept me on the edge of my seat and one of the big reveals was actually such a surprising (but not in an out-of-left-field-and-it-didnt-make-any-sense way) twist.

    There's strong story-telling, the characters are all very interesting and have good arcs surrounding what they experienced in the past and how it's led them to where they are in the present. Overall, I loved it and can't recommend it enough.

    the rocky horror picture show

    This isn't really horror in the modern sense of scary I think, but it's got horror in the name and to conservatives I'm sure it's plenty horrifying so I'll take this and any chance to talk about Rocky Horror because it's iconic.


    There's so much history behind the making of rocky horror. It started as a stage show, written by Richard O'Brien; He wanted to pay homage to b-movies and sci-fi movies. Rocky Horror was one of the first musicals to feature sexually liberated and transgressive characters, and its raunchy, wild nature definitely made it stand out from anything around its time.

    Rocky was adapted for the silver screen and luckily was able to maintain a lot of its original feel and even some of the cast. It premiered in a few test-cities but was considered a flop pretty quickly, and was then pulled from theatres. By some grace of whoever, Tim Deegan, the vice president of advertising at the time, pushed for Rocky Horror to become the new midnight movie at the Waverly Theater in New York City.

    This proved to be super successful and over time, Rocky Horror developed a loyal niche of fans that would view it multiple, up to hundreds, of times. The movie attracted and resonated with many social outcasts, namely lgbtq+ individuals. People who didn't fit into the neat boxes that were socially acceptable found comfort and felt represented in the film. Over time, the audience, many of whom were repeat-viewers, developed traditions that included dressing up as the characters, lip-syncing the songs, acting out iconic scenes, yelling callbacks at certain moments throughout the movie, and more. Rocky Horror had become a cult classic. Different areas will likely have slightly different callbacks, but I found this list of the more popular ones if you want to participate in callbacks!

    what is it about, though

    Rocky Horror follows an average couple who get wrapped up in a freaky environment, meeting new people who show them a whole other world and way they could live. I think that's about as much I could write without spoiling it, so go watch it for yourself if you haven't seen it yet >:). Content warning for nsfw though, maybe don't watch it with your grandmother. Or do.

    jennifer's body

    Jennifer's Body is another cult classic, especially among women, and especially especially among sapphics.

    This movie is kinda campy but it has deeper and darker themes that resonated with me more than I thought it would, because I went into watching this movie not knowing much, if anything, about it. The main characters, Anita (Needy) and Jennifer, are two best friends, and the story dives into their friendship dynamic and how they treat one another as a series of dark events unfold. The movie also depicts how women's bodies and sex are viewed, and eventually the reclaimation of one's body. (Be advised, viewers who may be triggered by undertones of kidnapping and S/A should watch with discretion.)

    I have so much I could say about this movie that I don't know where to start, but I don't think I can go much more into detail without giving away the plot. Basically, Megan Fox (Jennifer) slays, Amanda Seyfried (Needy) slays, and it's a fun horror movie for the girlies.

    the craft

    The Craftttt, I just watched this one because I keep seeing it circulate and I finally got around to it. Sometimes there are movies that I keep meaning to watch but I want to set aside time where I can give it my full attention, but that means shelving it for longer than I'd like to.

    I really enjoyed the way witchcraft was depicted in this movie, like the emphasis on sisterhood, the bond of a coven, and the connection to nature being their source of magic. I also liked the way the movie shows how the use of magic for personal gain can go wrong, and the costs and consequences that come with it.

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