Today's Tunes

What have I been listening to? + thoughts about the songs

April 2024

  • Narcisista
    • Artist: The Warning
    • Length: 5:05
    What a POWERHOUSE of a song and a singer Paulina is. Dude. First of all, the guitar riffing at the start is so hype, and as a learning bassist, I love listening to how Alejandra's driving the song forward on the bass. And when it gets to the na na na's? Bro. You can't not jump and mosh along. And then the riffs creeping up to the guitar solo? So GOOD.
    • Artist: The Warning
    • Length: 4:15
    Dany's voice is so addicting, she's so good at captivating and commanding the crowd. This song is so packed with energy and the chorus is such a headbanger, especially the last one.
    • Artist: The Warning
    • Length: 4:35
    This song is beautiful :') It's soft and swaying, and the harmonies are mesmerizing. I think this song amazingly showcases Pau's vocals, but all of them together seriously sound so good live.
  • Z
    • Artist: The Warning
    • Length: 3:53
    What a killer opening track. This is actually the song that got me hooked and listening to The Warning. The full video of their MAYDAY TOUR at Teatro Metropolitan was in my YouTube recommended and because of this insane first song, Dany's incredibly powerful vocals, the energy and stage presence, I sat through the entire almost-2-hour show, beginning to credits.
  • 23
    • Artist: The Warning
    • Length: 4:10
    I have NO idea how Paulina sings like that WHILE playing the drums, every single one of these sisters are crazy talented and honed in at their craft. The lyrics also hit so hard on a longing that never leaves over the years. I can't get enoughhh.
    • Artist: The Warning
    • Length: 4:09
    I loveeee the creeping buildup in this song, it's so full of energy and the whole song drives forward in such a satisfying way.
  • Cosmic
    • Artist: Avenged Sevenfold
    • Length: 7:32
    This song gives me such a specific nostalgia for a time and experience I never had. When I listen to it I feel like I'm lying on the floor of my bedroom with my star projector on after a rock show and astroprojecting ( -v-) and experiencing a sense of peace and acceptance but I don't know of what.

February 2024

  • Parasite Eve
    • Artist: Bring Me The Horizon
    • Length: 4:55
    This song evokes such an energy in me, I always stop to lipsync or thrash to it when it comes on. I think it's one of the best from their album, POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR, and it really captures the apocalyptic, cult themes in it.
  • Empty Bed
    • Artist: Saint Punk
    • Length: 3:39
    This one's a head nodders.
  • Heaven Is Here
    • Artist: Florence + The Machine
    • Length: 2:16

January 2024

  • Just a Lifetime
    • Artist: The Legendary Pink Dots
    • Length: 7:46
    This song is so psychedelic and whimsy, it makes me feel like I'm floating through music and colors. I love whatever instrument they're using for that airy string plucking sound.. I'm not sure what it is but it sounds like a harpsichord. The song's a bit of goth and experimental rock. This song has gotten me into binge-listening to their entire discography.
  • Kool-Aid
    • Artist: Bring Me The Horizon
    • Length: 3:48
    This song was highly anticipated and I listened to it the day it was released and... I literally LAUGHED in excitement and hype because it was even better than I hoped (not that I have low expectations for BMTH, it was just that good). I don't even know how to describe it in terms of music genres, it's like something uniquely BMTH that I love. It's a similar vibe to AmEN!.
    It's 1/18/24, a week after initially writing the above and I've only been listening to it more. I just have it looping, not with the goal of getting them to top charts necessarily, but genuinely because I can't get enough of this song and I find myself literally CRAVING it. They must really be lacing their songs with siren abilities because I genuinely (/lh, /hj) feel like I'd be willing to join Oli's cult because this song has me mesmorized. (BMTH's theme has been cult stuff)